Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Matti's Mystery Snake

In my previous post I revealed that DPunct has a specific origin. One species of snake that I will be marking this summer is the ring-necked snake whose scientific name is.......
Drum roll, please.........
Diadophis punctatus! And voilĂ ! The origin of DPunct!
Photo courtesy of the Virginia Herpetological Society
Why did I choose ring-necked snakes as the namesake of my blog? These little dudes are ADORABLE!
In southwest Virginia the specific sub-species is Diadophis punctatus edwardsii which is the northern ring-necked snake. These little guys are often a velvety black color with a light-colored ring around their necks. Their ventral scales (AKA their bellies) range from yellow to red. Their average length is only around 10-15 inches.
You can read all about them and other local species on the Virginia Herpetological Society's webpage.
Clearly evolution wants to keep these little dudes around! Evolution put a ring on it..........

Please excuse the corny joke. I couldn't resist.
Want to learn more about the Virginia Herpetological Society? Check out next week's post!